Wolf Clan

The Wolf Clan, consists of members who exhibit strong leadership characteristics, leading tribal members not only in direction but also in an educational manner. Being a source of great strength and vast knowledge, they help the tribe to always be moving forward.

Deer Clan

The Deer Clan, also known as the Providers, is made up of members, who have shown from a very early stage, a desire to hunt, or help with gardening and cooking. Through their focus on always improving and providing for the tribe, keeps the tribal members at full strength.

Turtle Clan

The Turtle Clan, consists of tribal members who exhibit wisdom, knowledge and a desire to always learn. They are always in pursuit of knowledge through asking questions and exploring the world around them. Through their inquisitions, the rest of the tribe as a whole, is always learning.

Snipe Clan

The Snipe Clan, consists of tribal members who are great at building things. They excel at being resourceful and gathering essentials. Their ability to build anything the tribe needs, helps protect and shelter tribal members and resources.

Bear Clan

The Bear Clan, which focuses on Medicine, is made up of members who exhibit a desire in healing and helping those who might be ill. Using plants and other earthly resources, they are able to create remedies to help those in need.